Alexandra Park, Whalley Range What’s in the play area?The new

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jordans cheap price 11 of the best family parks in Greater ManchesterThe parks recommended by parents and everything you need to know about themWhat’s OnBehind the cafe is The Hive area a sensory garden section which is run by Lancashire Wildlife Trust. It is home to a food growing project and aimed at helping little ones understand more about plants and wildlife.Alexandra Park, Whalley Range What’s in the play area?The new children’s play area is located between cheap air force the lake and the cafe. It has cradle swings for younger children and a larger basket swing along with a small toddler slide, a tea cup twister, a hedgehog springy and small see saw.There’s also plenty of room to run around and cheap jordans china a place for parents to sit.A multi use games area near the playground is free and available all cheap jordans shoes year round. jordans cheap price

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